Agricultural Vee Belt

Agricultural belt


Features of COMBINE Machinery/ Agricultural Machinery/ Conveyor/ Flat/  V-belts: 

1) Main material: Neoprene (CR),high-performance polyester cord or Kevlar cord.

2) The Agriculture belts mainly include wrapped v-belts(HM,HL,2HB,3HB etc.) and Raw Edge Cogged V-belts, which are used in different kinds of combines, 

from harvesting rice, wheat, potato to corn, especially in John Deere, New holland, CLAAS combine harvesters.

3) The Ribbed Belts are PH,PJ,PK,PL,PM,which provide power to all kinds of washer machines,air compressors and automobile requirement.

4) Advanced technology

5) Endurance of wear and tear

6) Resistance to high temperature, oil, heat

7) Slight elongation

8) long life

9) Reducing downtime

10) High price-performance ratio


Ordering Attention:

1) The length Li or La must be indicated

* Li:inside Length

* La: outside length

2) The cord type is better to be indicated

* Polyester cord

* Kevlar cord

3) The special V-belt can also be produced according to supplied sample or drawing.