Conveyor belt for bulk materials handling with good quality

The Raw Edge V-Belt is the premier choice for V-belt selection. Developed in the 1930’s as a higher performance belt against wrapped belts, the design was so nearly perfect that today the only major difference are the materials used and the manufacturing techniques. The principle advantages of the raw edge “coverless” construction is higher power ratings and superior slip resistance. With further advancements such as moulded cogs the construction combine produces a V-belt that is without equal in its ability to transmit more power at lower cost for a longer period of time. Raw Edge Belts will: • Transmit on average 30% more power resulting in increase life, allows design flexibility to reduce weight and drive space. • Raw edge side walls improves slip reduction by 37%, less slip generates less heat build up, less belt & pulley wear and improves drive efficiency. • High grade Neoprene rubber compounds improves resistance against extreme heat, dirt, oil, chemicals and severe environmental conditions. • Moulded cogs improves belt flexibility, dissipates heat from pulleys reducing heat build up by 42%. • On average a raw edge V-belt will on average run 4%-6% more efficient than wrapped constructions resulting in less Energy Waste and lower Energy costs. Carlisle produces a number of raw edge constructions for both classical and power wedge cross sections. If you not using a raw edge belt your wasting energy, wasting downtime and wasting money.