Features of the machine

1, move template to quickly rise, slow lock, quick lowering function. Guan Mo go exhaust fast to slow and slow to adjust, and improve production efficiency.

2, vulcanization molding of the product pump motor stops working, and with automatic pressure compensation and the pump stop delay. Circuit configuration is more reasonable and reliable.

3, gas time and bleed air frequency, heating temperature, curing time can be set, easy to operate.

4, has two working mode: automatic, semiautomatic. Set the conventional press working process I? transfer work? procedure? meet the technological requirements of special plastic material.

5, hydraulic cylinder applied advanced technologies, reliable seal, have long performance life.

6, electrical system controlled by PC computer, full touch screen control more convenient, accurate, and reliable.

7, hydraulic stations using imported technology of gear pumps and high pressure vane pump, hydraulic devices, proportional pressure and flow compound control. Low noise, low power consumption.