Industrial Synchronous Belt Production Line

Timing belt drives operate on a tooth-grip principle, much the same as chains and gears. Unlike v-belts they offer positive engagement with the mating of the belt tooth and that of the sprocket grooves. Timing belts offer many advantages over conventional chain and gear drives. Timing belt drives capitalize on the advantage of positive drive action without such problems as excessive noise, corrosion, lubrication, metal-to-metal contact and excessive tension. Because they offer clean operating characteristics they are particularly attractive on applications in contamination-sensitive industries. Product advancements in timing belt construction over the years has seen the development of the new high performance systems that now target new applications against these alternate drives systems like chains and gears, that have always been disadvantage in terms of weight, noise, lubrication and maintenance costs. PT Australia offers a comprehensive range of timing belt both in rubber and polyurethane construction. Our close association with Carlisle Power Transmission and Megadyne two leading manufactures in the timing belt market enables PT Australia to offer one of the most comprehensive timing belt ranges in both rubber and polyurethane constructions. All our Timing Belts are stocked in sleeve configuration, this enables PT Australia to also offer special widths outside of our catalogue listings. Timing belts can cover a multitude of applications including Power Transmission, Linear motion and Specialty conveyor applications. The advantages of timing belt against similar drive systems, they offer positive engagement, operate at efficiency levels of up to 99%, they are quiet, no lubrication required and can be designed to meet a wide rang of power and operating speeds.