Technical parameters

Electric type flat sulfide machine of electric tube main for sulfide machine template heating, used stainless steel tube or General pipes making, is divided into single head, and double head tube, and for products in work State Xia, tube surface temperature is high, and the hot state insulation and the leak current requirements, internal design used high temperature magnesium oxide powder and the anti-oxidation sent hotline, necessary Shi can Advisory gold Harbour Technology Department, select resistance high temperature stainless steel tube, full consider installation and using environment, and on components sealing requirements used special processing, To meet customer demand for heating element the safety and life of equipment.

Flat sulfide electromechanical pipe of technology parameter main has: sulfide models single hair pipe of work voltage for 220 (v) or 380 (v), using power according to template using temperature making, tube diameter common of has 14mm, and 16mm, and 18mm,, material can selection SUS304 seamless tube, sulfide using status for template heating, surface used polishing, and black processing, sealing used glass sealing, and epoxy resin, glue, electrical performance for long-term placed insulation value is greater than 50M ω, Leakage current is less than 0.5mA.