V Ribbed belt Poly rib v belt Poly-ribbed v-belt


- synchronous belts  ,poly v belt, cogged v belt and wrapped v belt 


- 100% CR life span 80,000 to 100,000 kilometers;


Poly Ribbed V-belt 
Fan belt for car bus


V Ribbed belt  Poly rib v belt  Poly-ribbed v-belt




Good for high-speed and high power transmission Ribbed v belt can be used to the circuitous small-diameter pulley and will operate smoothly.


Main features are as follows:


1. Transmission power, the same space than ordinary V belt drive 30% higher power.


2. Tight transmission system, transmission power in the same circumstances, the share transfer device with a small space than ordinary V 25%.


3. Thin belt body, full flexibility to adapt to the small diameter drive pulley, but also for high-speed transmission with speed up to 40m / s; vibration, less heat, stable operation.


4. Heat, oil, wear and use the stretch, long life. Ribbed tank, also known as multi-band, the main application and the engine, motor and other power transmission equipment