200T Rubber Injection Molding Machine for Vulcanizing Rubber

Mainly used for the production of rubber molded products, such as electrical insulation parts,

 shock pads, seals, soles and industrial rain boots and so on. At present, at home and abroad

 has been widely used.

Rubber Injection Compression Molding Machine.jpg

The main feature of rubber injection machineļ¼š

1. Simplify the process, to achieve high temperature vulcanization of rubber products, shorten the production cycle;

2. Product size is accurate, physical and mechanical properties of uniform, high quality, thick-walled products, especially the

 formation of vulcanization;

3. Genuine rate is high, less hair products;

4. Easy to operate, reduced labor intensity, high degree of mechanization and automation;

Injection machine and its mold of the institutions are more complex, large investment, maintenance requirements are higher, 

and more for the production of large quantities of molded products;

At present, the world's many types of injection machine, according to the plastic material sub-way, there are plunger and 

screw type; according to the machine drive type points, hydraulic and mechanical; according to the type of mold device, 

Pressure, hydraulic mechanical and secondary action; according to the configuration of the machine parts, a bedroom, 

vertical, angle, multi-mode injection machine, and so on;