Different from other plastic machines, calender consists of machine frame, rollers and regulation devices, power systems and heating systems, and other components, rack General usually made of cast iron, mounted directly on the frame of cast iron or cast steel sides, to support the roller bearings, shaft cross or roll bending device, pressure roller adjusting devices, lubrication equipment and other accessories. Pressure rollers are made of chilled cast iron, cast steel made, its aspect ratio based on roller bending strength of the material selected, about 2.6~3.5. In order to compensate the caused by bending deformation of roller bearing defects of uneven thickness, made drum-shaped roller, roller can be used cross-device and roll bending device to eliminate products of thickness unevenness. Each roller with single motor drive. Roller heating by steam or superheated water, required temperature does not exceed 1 c on both ends. Independent heating system automatically for each roller. Modern rolling mill roller bearings are used instead of plain bearings, to save energy, improve the accuracy of thickness of bearing life and products.