Two roller open the calender design-roll is the key structure, material selection and surface processing and technical parameters, followed by the function configuration. In roller-type structure, we have taken different in rubber and plastic products industries in the Super roller diameter height design, height = (D-d)/2, as shown in Figure 7. Designed to compensate for rolling roll bending deformation of stress, and increase the Center roll of the rolling force, force magnetic particles to flow both ways, while rolling the possible rolls of different heating methods, are designed for steam heating hollow roll and around drilling for oil heating and water heating rollers. The production practice, two heating methods can meet the technological requirements of roll surface temperature fluctuations. In terms of material selection, we use good wear resistance, rigidity alloy chilled cast iron roller working surface hardness up to HS72~75. Alloy chilled cast iron rolls are often caused by defects as well as additives in feed might have on the corrosive effects of roll surface, resulting in a short time using the roller surface to appear after "ice-cloud" that can't be rolled out of the smooth surface of the magnetic plate, so the roller surface is a special technique is necessary. Special handling are mainly surface spraying wear-resistant materials and hard chromium plating in two ways, we use the latter. To enhance the bond strength of hard chrome and alloy chilled cast iron, chrome-plating before nickel plating, chromium plating layer thickness after grinding is generally 0.05~0.08mm. In particular was, at the time of production of a PVC film faced plywood, horizontal two-roller rolling mill the best configuration into a chrome-plated rollers, another for the alloy chilled cast iron rolls. Due to magnetic alloy chilled cast iron rolls rolling plate surface is relatively coarse, helps increase the bonding strength of magnetic plates and PVC film.