H Section Shot Blasting Machine (Q69, QH69)

Basic Info

Shot blasting machine for steel profiles

The series is H profiled steel shot blasting machine. It is used for eliminating stress and removing surface rust of big model l-shaped steel, H profiled steel, higher size of steel structure. The series shot blasting machine is used for construction industry, bridge industry. The series steel plate, model material pretreatment line is made up of warm-up, s hot blasting, spray-paint, drying. According to customers requirements, we could shot blasting for stand-alone. It also could continue work through online to realize warm-up, shot blasting, spray-paint, drying. It is used for removing rust, painting(pretreatment) of steel plate, profiled steel. It is ideal equipment for shipping, automobile, locomotive, machine, bridge, oil artesian well platform, port and dock facilities, container, boiler industry. The production line is controlled by PLC machine. It adopts shift storage and photo electricity check, automatic measurement of the thickness and width of the plate, automatic adjustment the width of shot blasting belt and the height of cleaning device. The whole line rolling bearing four frequency control. It could be subsection or the whole line fine tuning. It can assure that shot blasting, painting drying quality of pretreatment steel material.