International Market Demand For Rubber Gasket Cutting Machine

The global market for cutting all kinds of rubber gaskets increasing demand, the technical requirements are more and more complex, promote enterprises to improve their product development processes, the management to the staff of different departments to carry out integrated project team work, to improve work efficiency. In addition, the company also wants to integrate a variety of different IT systems to a complete package to provide to customers. Domestic machine tool industry to the rubber gasket cutting machine import and export deficit, mainly rely on product technology innovation. China machine tool products import and export trade deficit increased year by year. Narrowing the deficit, expanding the market share of products, is the revitalization of machine tools and equipment industry is an inevitable process.

Research shows that the gap between the domestic and foreign rubber gasket cutting machine is mainly reflected in three aspects: processing accuracy (25.2%), reliability (18.8%), the internal electrical, pneumatic, control and other configuration (16.5%). Although the scale of China's machine tool industry ranked first in the world, but overall, we also have a big gap, there is still a long distance to us step by step to catch up, to achieve a powerful manufacturing country, China must continue to adjust the industrial structure, to independent innovation. It is observed that China's rubber gasket cutting machine industry continues to maintain growth, and become the world's largest machine tool manufacturing.

Although our country has a good industrial chain, but the lack of excellence in high-end machine tool products, is still the world's largest importer of machine tools, high-end machine tools are mainly imported. Among them, the drill by the buyer's attention is still high, with 28% of the top ranked list of machine tool products. Boring attention heat is still unabated, boring machine with 23% degree of concern in Search Ranking second. Punch, lathe, milling machine on the middle of the month of 17% and 16% were to be roughly the same, the degree of concern, Search Ranking ranked three or four. With a variety of policies have greatly encouraged the development of machine tool enterprises, and encourage the development of continuous development in the crisis, China's rubber gasket cutting machine industry has brought good opportunities for development. Narrowing the gap, perhaps we look forward to the future direction of the development of the machine tool industry. We will be hard in this positive policy environment, for sales doubled.