Kneading Machine Use And Safety Matters

1, before using the fasteners should check whether the loose, and the mixing tank clean up the debris.2(2).jpg

2, check the electrical wiring is correct, the machine should have ground wire.



3, the user must be in the feed before the air run, check the host wiring, the operation is consistent with the nameplate, electric heating and thermostat thermocouple connection and temperature control table display. Temperature controller for the temperature control temperature controller, temperature control thermostat only in the case of heating knob open, only moderate temperature control, the user according to the process temperature, the temperature controller must be set in the temperature limit.

     4, kneading machine is simple to operate, first open the lid, feeding, closing, open the host is running, the process can also be intermittent open reversal, heating, stop the host operation, stop heating, open the lid,

     5, kneading process end of the discharge, you should first turn off the heating. Difficult to discharge, allowing the motor to reverse the start to help discharge, this time the operator hand and so on is strictly prohibited into the cylinder.