Practical Rubber Gasket Cutting Machine

Rubber  gasket:


 Rubber gasket with  oil, acid, cold and heat, anti-aging properties, can be directly cut into  various shapes of gaskets, widely used in medicine, electronics, chemicals,  anti-static, fire-retardant, food and other  industries.

Practical rubber gasket cutting  machine:

   The utility model  relates to a rubber gasket cutting machine. Comprising a frame, a workpiece holding device and a  cutting device arranged on the plane of the frame, and a cooling device and a  PLC control system arranged on the rack side, the workpiece holding device  including a symmetry arranged on the frame The headboard box and the tailstock box are connected  with the main motor shaft in the frame through the pulley through the  belt, The cutting device comprises a  tool holder, a bracket, an arbor, an X-axis transmission device and a Y-axis  transmission device arranged on the bracket, the bracket is arranged at the  front end of the Y-axis transmission device, and the X-axis transmission device  is connected to the lower part of the tool holder , Y-axis drive connected to the knife holder.  The utility model greatly saves the production  time, while the finished surface of the flatness is better, the finished product  has no flash and burr, eliminating the trimming process, greatly improve the  production efficiency, but also to the enterprise has brought huge economic  benefits , Applicable to the rubber  production industry.