Rubber Conveyor Belt Production Machinery

Product Description

Basic information

It is composed of cooling roller, cooling drum, artificial rubber conveyor and crusher. Thermo-melting material from extruder is rolled to be sheet for 1-2mm by cooling roller and cooling drum, being cooled down by cooling drum to ambient temperature during conveying, then being crushed into chips and discharged.


High temperature materials out of extruder are squeezed into 1-2 mm bands shape by big roller and small roller. These rollers are adopted water to cooling down. The band-shape materials are close to the surface of lager roller by the conveyor belt, and cooling down to normal atmospheric temperature in the conveying process. Materials separate from the big roller by scraper into big slice-type, and then become into small slice materials by fork and a pair of crush roller to hopper. Conveyor belt is adjusted by cylinder, which can be adjusted the tension force by changing compressed air. Open the cover plate on the left and right side, and clean the conveyor belt inside by air gun. Open the cover plate on the crush roller side, and clean the conveyor belt outside.


1.Compacted construction can save 65% working area than other series cooling crusher.

2.Conveyor is made of anti-static, heatproof and flame-resistant artificial rubber.

3.Cooling drum is designed of big size for high cooling efficiency and low operation cost.

4.Chip thickness is adjustable and size is uniform.

5.No contamination on chips.

6.Comprehensive safety protection system.

7.Easy clean and maintenance.