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Two roller open mixing machine. Rubber factory used to produce plastic mixing, mix or soak A roll of exposed-type mixing machine.

The main components are two counter-rotating inwardly hollow roll or roller drilling apparatus before the operator side of the roll is called, can move through the manual or electrical operation level before and after, in order to adjust the roller spacing to meet the operational requirements; after the roll is fixed and can not move back and forth. Two roll size is generally the same, each at different speeds relative rotation, raw rubber or rubber roller with the rotation of the two were involved in the roll gap, that is to achieve a strong shear mastication or mixing purposes. Open mill is also used in plastics processing and other sectors.

Open mill is short for open-chain presses, plastic products factory, people are used to call it two-roll machine. Open mill plastic products manufacturing plant earlier application a plastic mixing equipment. In calender production line, open mill before the calender, after the mixer, the role of the mixed raw material kneaded, plasticized, to provide a mixed calender calender molding plastics refining more uniform plastic melt. The production of cable materials, mixing function directly formulated a good mix powdered material refining molded into the melt, and then compression molded into a sheet with that cutter and cut into granules. Floor leather production line, can directly mixing plastics uniform primer Burkina leather. But also the recycling of used plastic film (sheet) in the mill and re-refining plastic back system.

Open mill structure is simple, relatively easy to manufacture, the operation is easy to grasp, easy maintenance disassembly, therefore, widely used in plastic products business. The downside is that the workers operating great physical exertion at high ambient temperatures require kneading by hand turning kneading material, while hand-kneaded plastic flip chip frequency much greater impact on the quality of the raw material mixing.