Vacuum compression molding press for rubber vulcanizing machine 250T

Double station Vacuum compression molding press for rubber  vulcanizing machine

200T Rubber Vacuum Vulcanizing Molding  Press.jpg


This machine is suitable for various kinds of vulcanization process of rubber parts, 
is a kind of advanced pressure forming machine.

(Technical data):

1, the machine includes the following three parts: two sets of vulcanizing
   machine, a hydraulic station, the three part is installed on the same chassis.

2, two sets of vulcanizing machine comprises a main machine and die,ejecting device of   
   automatic shift workers has the advantages of convenient operation, reduced labor intensity;

3, hydraulic pump station using the proportional pressure and flow compound
   valve, PLC control, pressure and flow through the touch screenis directly arranged for each 
   cylinder,  without cumbersome regulation ofhydraulic pump station.

4, vulcanizing machine with the main cylinder and two fast auxiliary oil
   cylinder, when the die is opened and closed by fast auxiliary oil cylinder
   drives the piston to move fast, vulcanization main only by the cylinder
   work,greatly improving the production efficiency.

5, the hot plate temperature through the touch
   screen, and through the digital display instrument visual display.