V Belt Grinding Machine

1: diamond grinding wheel sprayed diamond grinding wheel process in the history of the development of the tape made a lot of small manufacturers

Or their own processing or processing of embryos sent to the professional company to blasting. Belonging to the relatively old and backward process.

Grinding life of about 8000 meters - 20000 meters, the product life is not stable grinding out the size of the belt is not stable

Price difference is relatively large: V with 300 - 2000, PK: 500 - 5000 have. Sprayed diamond grinding wheel process

The advantage is: the cost of low delivery fast

Disadvantages: easy to fall sand life short grinding efficiency low time-consuming heating temperature high smoke grinding out of the belt accuracy is not high enough

(Because the size of the wheel itself is not high enough).

2: Fly cutting wheel - a fast cutting process is currently used in Japan belt manufacturers more, like Osaka three

Star and the like. Japan also has a diamond grinding wheel effect better than the domestic diamond.

Advantages: accuracy is better. Faster speed.

Disadvantages: the cost is relatively high heard for a knife to 1-2 million and a few months or 1 year will change a knife

3: American needle wheel - the company is located in Michigan, the United States, is the only one in the world to create this

Class grinding wheel manufacturers, from 1992 onwards for the United States Gates company to provide products and technical support services. Also also served

Goodyear, PIX, Fenner, Continetal, Carlisle, and so on.

Advantages: grinding speed (5-10 times faster than emery) efficiency and high long life (V belt up to 38 million meters) large

Large reduction in grinding temperature No (less) smoke, no heat, no burning, no need to add water to cool. Reduced downtime precision belt size More perfect belt surface quality is stable

Grinding 1 meter of the belt with 10 seconds when grinding a little bit on it.