Rubber Gasket Cutting Machine

Product Details


This machine is mainly used for cuting molding of various and silicon and soft PVC pipe into pieces gasket/washer according to required size. With the cutting operation precision of 0.01mm, reset precision of 0.01mm, cutting product deviation ± 0.03mm and cutting surface roughness up to Ra0.8, this machine can greatly save the multi-cavity scrap edge.


1. Cutting capacity 3500pcs/hour, 7000pcs/hour, 10500pcs/hour,14000pcs/hour for option.

2 The use of process control automatic discharge (reduced by replacing the fixture previously required to complete the tedious process of unloading)

3. With a vacuum adsorption function to avoid cutting the product movement and improve yield.

4. With automatic transmission device, which is more convenient to collect the finished product has been cut.

5. With a blowing function, allowing for easy installation effort, saving labor intensity and improve efficiency.

6. Using the LCD touch screen control, parameter clear, easy to operate.


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