Rubber Oil Seal Trimming Machine

Product Details


This Unit is mainly used burr edge trimming (cutting) and lip angle precision cutting of various rubber oil-seal, dust wipers, rubber-cup, fasteners, polyurethane and all the round soft rubber products.


1.This machine has four ways to process. There are: advance left, advance right, advance together and advance singly. According to the actual requirement, you can arbitrarily choose.

2.You can adjust the knife’s route and the speed. If you want to adjust the two knives’ route, you just adjust the limit switch and the hydraulic buffer which on the cylinder. You can control the knife’s speed by adjusting the throttle which anchor the each end of the cylinder. Adjustment of the knob on the tail of the elegance fixed-speed devices can regulate the speed of the knife cutting into the work-piece.

3.You can adjust the two knives’ cutting angle according to your specific demand.