Wide Rubber Sheet Extrusion & Calendering Production Line

Wide Rubber Sheet Extrusion & Calendering Production Line
Product Details


Mainly used in all kinds of continuous extrusion production of thin rubber sheets such

as radial tire air layer, the inner liner of bias tire, buffer layer, isolation layer, waterproofing materials, 

anti-corrosion lining, and conveyor belt cover rubber sheet.


This kind production line is mainly composed of pin cold feeding extruder, sheet extrusion head, and take off device,

thickness measuring device, edge cut device, rubber sheet storage deivce , colling device,

and let off , wind up , the temperature control system, electrical control system.

This production line of sheet extrusion pasticizing effect is good. and eliminate the calender

for accumulation compound bubble is not easy eduction make sheet the poor quality of air tightness, and production line with high efficiency, energy saving, space save etc.


Max.width of rubber sheet: 800-2500mm

Rubber sheet thickness : 0.4-10mm

Rubber sheet linear velocity: 0.5-20m/min