Rotary Curing Machine For V-Belt

Rotary Curing Machine For V-Belt
Product Details


This Rotary Curing Press is aim to continuous curing (vulcanizing) various models Agriculture V-Belt, Big V-Belt

 and Banded V-Belt according to process requirement.

Tech. Data:

- Effective Length of Curing Drum:  600mm

- Heating Method of Curing Drum:  Electricity, Oil or Steam

- Width of Pressure Steel Belt: 595mm

- Wrapped Angle of Pressure Steel Belt: 270

- Max.Tension Force from Pressure Steel Belt: Max. 14Mpa

- Max.Working System Pressure: 23Mpa

- Control Method: PLC + HMI

- Power: 380V/220V, 50Hz.


V Belt Rotary cure machine.png