Timing Belt Building Machine

Product Details


This unit aims to forming(building) timing belt sleeve, poly v-belt sleeve (ribbed v-belt sleeve) and V-belt sleeve automated etc . power transmission belt.


- This forming (building) system is consist of three parts : Cord let-off machine (2sets), Principle forming machine (Double A&B Working Position) )and 8-position material frame (1set).

- One the principle machine, two kinds of cord which will be released by two cord let-off machine can be put on it at the same time. One the end A and B, there is mould replacement position seperately. The rubber sheet can be choosed automatically on the 8-position frame and the cover fabric can be rolled automatically when the rubber sheet is winding on the mould.


-Length of belt: 500-2500mm

-Cord laying speed: 160m/min

-Cord laying pitch: 1-10mm/r

-Cord tension: 40-200N

automotive timing belt molding machine.png


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